April 6, 2011

PT Mastersystem Infotama (Jobs with the position of Network Engineer Contract)

PT Mastersystem Infotama

Location: Jakarta Raya

Network Engineer Contract


* Men
* education S1 or equals to all majors
* Preferably with experience in the field of networking
* Willing to contract 1 year
* CCNA Certification
* Willing to be on duty and stationed outside the city

Applicant attach photographs and recent CV to:


Before you submit a job application letter on the above vacancy, you can read some tips in looking for the following work. We hope after you read the tips below you can take these opportunities from Lowongan Kerja Network Engineer PT Mastersystem Infotama

1. Completeness Requirements
Before you leave to file an application letter, you must re-examine the documents that must be included in the application. Fatal error can only happen if you do not complete the required documents as required by the company. If you are unsure, you can ask for support from family or friends to check an application letter along with the accessories.

2. Timely
You have to eliminate the habit at the rubber, because this habit can eliminate your chances. You need to know that foreign companies will not forgive you if you are late, especially in the process of labor admission test.

3. Dress modestly
When a Personnel see you, then he will see how your dress first. You should avoid the glamorous clothing and excessive accessories. Dress politely and elegantly.

4. References are too many
In writing a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), referencing much needed as the company's consideration of prospective employees. Even so, try not to write too many references. Why? As this may give the impression that you include a person who likes to stand out and proud. Write an important reference and in accordance with the field that you are applying.

5. Hobby
You do not underestimate a hobby. You can lists their hobbies in the CV, let alone a hobby is expected to help your creativity. Workers who are gifted in their fields will be preferred by the leader of the company.

6. Writing
You must be careful in writing a letter of application, particularly the writing of the company, name and title of leadership, as well as company address. If you make a mistake, then this will affect your score in front of the head of the company. Try to re-examine the writing of these and also examines the preference.

7. Requesting facility
Within a company, it could be given to your salary is too low than you expect. This is normal, because you are still new and companies do not yet know how far your skills. But the note is not until you ask for excessive facilities.

8. Haircut
Most companies will not like the employees who have long hair, neatness will be needed by a company. Therefore, you should cut the hair so neat and clean.

Hopefully some useful tips that we provide for you, and good luck.