April 18, 2011

Samsung Plans to sell hard drive business

Because growth is not encouraging, Samsung plans to sell hard drive business, aka hard disk drive (HDD). Proceeds from sales of one of these business units will be used for investment in new business domains.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal and quoted on Monday (4/18/2011), Samsung expects its HDD business unit sold for $ 1.5 billion. But South Korean firms are still willing to consider if there are companies that neutralize under USD 1 billion.

Blowing news, Seagate Technology is currently the only potential buyer. This hard drive maker control 29 percent of product shipments of hard drives in the fourth quarter last year.

Responding to the circulation of this newspaper, which last year Samsung got 10.7 percent share of the global HDD market share, declined comment. Samsung only said that his company was reviewing new business opportunities.

Global HDD industry began experiencing pressure since the emergence of a successful iPad tablet computer on the market and others. This product stores data on flash memory chips rather than magnetic disk.

Slowly, this new device is joined to hit sales of laptop computers that are the main users of HDD products.