May 6, 2011

PT Supraco Indonesia (Search / Recruitment Firm) (Spread Superitendent)


A Jakarta based company, one of the sub company Radiant Group with more than 31 years of experience in providing services to Oil & gas industry, Geothermal project and in Banking Indonesia looking for :

Spread Superitendent
(Jawa Timur - Cepu)

Responsibilities :
  • Job Function :
               * Oversee the execution of fabrication, construction, hookup and mechanical completion of
                  the structure and facilities.
               * Coordinate activities of Site Safety Advisor and technical and inspection personel
               * Monitor and appraise contractor construction activities and performance
               * Determince corrective actions needed in order to meet project objectives and work to have 
                  these implemented
               * Coordinate interfaces and interactions with contractors and subcontractors and with 
                  operations and drilling personnel on site
               * Report progress, performance, initiatives, issues and challenges to Site Manager
  • Responsibilty and Duties :
               * Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including 
                  consultants and contractor personnel
               * Provide input to and review development of contractor’s detailed plans to complete the 
               * Monitor and appraise contractor’s performance and recommend corrective action to be 
                  taken where deficienciens ate detected verify actions are taken
               * Coordinate resolution of production and technical issues with appropriate company and 
                  contractor resources on and off-site
               * Establish, implement, and maintain mechanical completion verification plan and process
               * Ensure appropriate Material Handling and working Environment reviews are carried out at 
                  site and that findings are resolved and implemented by contractor
               * Liaise with on-site Operations, Drilling and functional personner regarding planning and 
                  implementation of fabrication, construction and mechanical completion activities
               * Participate in lesson learned reviews and provide input to close-out report sections upon 
                  completion of work
               * Administer the execution of the contract, including interpretations to the contract
               * Reviews change request and change assessments in accordance with managemenet of
                  change plan
               * Provide input to appraisal process for assigned site personnel
Requirements :
  • BS / MS in Mechanical
  • BS / MS in Engineering
  • 5-10 years xperience
  • Good Oral and written English language skills

Please send your Application and latest CV with recent Photo as soon as possible to :

Note :
The latest application submit two weeks after published

Advertised: 5-5-11 | Closing Date: 4-6-11